April '18 Guest Collection: Aycan Elijah Yilmaz

April '18 Guest Collection: Aycan Elijah Yilmaz

The "Wink/Leafy Greens" collection is designed by Aycan Elijah Yilmaz

Our spring collection couldn't have come sooner. We're incredibly happy to present "Wink/Leafy Greens", our very first dual design collection, created by Aycan Elijah Yilmaz. Having grown up in Istanbul, Aycan was never able to connect with the broad expanses of forest and nature that we in Sweden are surrounded by. The "Leafy Greens" design is all about catching up on lost time, sitting in Pildammsparken and enjoying the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves. A little organic sanctuary in the middle of our bustling city.

The second design is inspired by the iconic Olle Eksell "ögon cacao" design. Aycan's "Wink" design is a nod (or wink if you will) to the legendary Swedish graphic designer's instantly recognizable design, but with a playful twist. Malmö is all about playful twists, as we're a city that doesn't take itself too seriously, so we loved Aycan's take on a classic design.

The collection consists of a white classic fit t-shirt, a black classic fit t-shirt, a white twill tote bag, a black twill tote bag, and a 50x70cm print. All garments are printed on Neutral garments and screen printed at Malmö Screen Print. All paper items are printed at AtGraphiken print shop in downtown Malmö. 

Aycan's collection is printed in limited quantities and designed exclusively for Malmö Clothing Co.

We asked Aycan a few questions about himself and life in Malmö:

What is the inspiration behind the design?
Malmö's parks. As someone who grew up in a big urban city, I haven't had that much contact with nature, and since I moved to Malmö, whenever there is a little bit of sunshine, I find myself sitting at one of the parks, making up for the lost time.

What technique or process did you use to create the design?
I have started with exploring some of the organic elements I wanted to use, and made rough sketches on how to simplify the details on them. I looked into different sans serif types, and adjusted the outlines of the word mark I wanted to appear in the garden. I have used Adobe Draw on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to finalize the composition around the word mark, and finalised the line work and fine details on Adobe Illustrator.

Where did you grown up and how long have you lived in Malmö?
I grew up mostly in Istanbul, had short lived affairs with some of the central European capitals and have been living here for the past 5 years.

What do you do for work?
I am a Visual Designer, designing identities and interfaces at Above Agency.

What do you do for fun?
I love being out and about at Möllan square.

What keeps you here in Malmö?
The people.

What’s one thing you would change about Malmö?
The wind. Oh the wind.

What makes Malmö a place that’s worth visiting?
The people. I have never witnessed such a diverse and welcoming crowd in any place else

Best coffee in town?
Kaffebaren, nothing fancy, if you can find a place to sit.

Best falafel in town?
Not really a big falafel fan, sorry :)

Best bar for a beer or cocktail in town?
On a sunny day, I would go to any bar that gets direct light for beers. For just cocktails, I'd recommend Belle Epoque.

What should every tourist know about Malmö when they visit?
This is the 4th most diverse city on earth. 171 nationalities in 1 town!

Where can we find more of your work?

Aycan's top 5 places to visit in Malmö:

  • Pildammsparken
  • Kungsparken
  • Ribban
  • Möllevångstorget
  • Scaniabadet

Aycan's top 5 places to eat at in Malmö:

  • Dubbel Dubbel
  • Lyran
  • Kv Åkern
  • Mineral
  • Misoteket