December '17 Guest Collection: Jullia Lyko

December '17 Guest Collection: Jullia Lyko

The "Best of Malmö" collection is designed by Jullia Lyko

This month's collection comes from an illustrator who's work we instantly fell in love with; Jullia Lyko. We found her (or rather she found us) on Instagram and with a few scrolls, we knew her style was perfect for this month's collection. Finding the right balance and weight in hand lettering can be tricky, but Jullia's eye for symmetry and balance made sure our collaboration design came out perfect! For this collection, she's highlighted some of the things that make this city what it is. A proper conversation piece, this design will always invite opinions on why people love this city. This is our largest collection release so far, with 8 total pieces being released.

Part 1 of the collection is available now and part 2 will be launched on Thursday 7 December.

The collection consists of two 50x70cm prints, A5 postcards, gym bag, tote bag, laptop bag, 2 t-shirts and a super soft hoodie. All garments are printed on Neutral garments and screen printed at Malmö Screen Print. All paper items are printed at AtGraphiken print shop in downtown Malmö. 

Jullia's collection is printed in limited quantities and designed exclusively for Malmö Clothing Co.


We asked Jullia a few questions about herself and life in Malmö:

What is the inspiration behind the design?
The idea was to highlight the things that make Malmö such an unique city to visit and live in. 

What technique or process did you use to create the design?
It’s a hand drawn lettering (pencil+ marker), which was scanned and after vectorised in Illustrator.

Where did you grown up and how long have you lived in Malmö?
I grew up in Lviv, Western Ukraine and moved to Malmö almost 4 years ago.

What do you do for work?
I’m a freelance graphic designer.

What do you do for fun?
Cook, eat, ride my bike, take photos, and meet friends.

What keeps you here in Malmö?
My family.

What’s one thing you would change about Malmö?
The wind. If Malmö would be less windy, it would be just perfect :D

What makes Malmö a place that’s worth visiting?
Restaurants (or it’s just because I love the food :D)

Best coffee in town?
Café Dornonville or the pink café.

Best falafel in town?
Badrans Super Falafel by the City library.

Best bar for a beer or cocktail in town?
For a beer, I would go to Drumbar, for a cocktail probably the rooftop bar at Malmö Live.

What should every tourist know about Malmö when they visit?
Best thing you can do in Malmö- rent a bike.

Where can we find more of your work?
On Instagram @jullia_lyko or my website


Jullia's top 5 places to visit in Malmö:

  • Västra Hamnen & Ribban (my favourite part of Malmö, specially during the summer)

  • Slottsparken (lovely park with the cute garden)

  • Möllan (all the cool bars and shops)

  • The Bridge (don’t think need to explain, it's an icon!)

  • Moderna Museet (for the art lovers)


Jullia's top 5 places to eat at in Malmö:

  • Occo

  • Kin Long

  • Rebell

  • Saiko

  • Via Napoli