Meet the new

Meet the new "Face of Malmö"

It's been almost 3 years...

since we first opened up shop. Our original design - the "Face of Malmö" is arguably our most printed design. It's not only our logo, but it has been the center of our brand for many reasons. Mainly because people seem to love it, but also because it was made by accident. It was meant to be a circle of letters at first, but then while shifting the letters, the face appeared and we thought it looked pretty cool. And since then, we've printed it on t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, patches, stickers and even a few coffee mugs. But as with all good things, they eventually come to an end.

That's why we're excited to announce we have a new "Face of Malmö"! Unlike its predecessor, this one was made on purpose. In the true nature of our brand, we worked with a local tattoo artist, Amy a.k.a Hollow Hands, to capture our thoughts and ideas and create a new face that feels like where we are and where we're going. We love Amy's work and her style was perfect for this. She sent us a few options, but this one really stuck out to us and felt like Malmö. We'll be revealing a few of the other options later on down the road in case you're curious.

We hope you like the new face of Malmö! We definitely do. It will be making a few appearances in our upcoming SS2020 collection, launching at the end of the month. 

If you're looking for quality stick-poke tattoo work, then Hollow Hands is a must. Amy is one of our favorites and she's also an absolute pleasure to talk to while you're getting your ink done.

No need to worry

We know some of you may be worried that the old "Face of Malmö" design will be retired now, but no need to worry. We still love that design and it will always have a place in our shop. We've made sure to keep it on a few things in our upcoming SS2020 collection, so no worries.