November '17 Guest Collection: Matilda Svensson

November '17 Guest Collection: Matilda Svensson

The "Kallis Mornings" collection is designed by Matilda Svensson

This month's collection comes from our good friend and talented illustrator, Matilda Svensson. Inspired by the tranquility and inner peace one can find within Kallbadhuset på Ribersborg, Matilda created this design in her unique style for her guest collection. A natural with the paint brush, she uses a palette of blues and calm ocean greens to recreate the aesthetic of one of Malmö’s most relaxing environments. Her love for the sea and tranquility shines through above all, which is exactly why we love this design and we think you will too.

The collection consists of two 50x70cm prints, A5 postcards, A6 gift cards, and a 2018 A3 calendar. All are printed at AtGraphiken print shop in downtown Malmö. 

Matilda's collection is printed in limited quantities and designed exclusively for Malmö Clothing Co.

We asked Matilda a few questions about herself and life in Malmö:

What is the inspiration behind the design?
When I moved to Malmö about 6 years ago, one of my friends took me to ”Kallis” (kallbadhuset på Ribersborg) and I fell in love instantly. To go there an early morning and meet the silence is perfect for an ever working person like me. As a cheap spa you can say =) 

What technique or process did you use to create the design?
I've been thinking about this pattern for a long time, but because I think it's so hard to paint people, I've never got it down on paper. Until now! The pattern is hand painted with watercolor.

Where did you grown up and how long have you lived in Malmö?
I grew up on the countryside in Skåne. After my design studies in Växjö, I moved to Malmö about six years ago.

What do you do for work?
I work as freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I´m also an AD at Antik & Auktion, Northern Europe's largest magazine for antiques, art and design.

What do you do for fun?
Drinking wine with my friends, exercising, and hanging out with my dog Elvis in my summerhouse in Ystad. And of course working, I love my job!

What keeps you here in Malmö?
Malmö is actually the only big city in Sweden I would like to live in, otherwise I would probably stay abroad. Have a dream of living in Paris one day! Malmö is a lovely multicultural city with nice people and above all you are always close to the sea.

What’s one thing you would change about Malmö?
Probably the rest of Sweden's image of the city. It tends to be quite prejudiced.

What makes Malmö a place that’s worth visiting?
You can experience very much on a small surface. A little big city.  There is a lot happening in Malmö and I think this city is the future. 

Best coffee in town?
Atrium kaffebar in Slottstaden. 

Best falafel in town?
Badrans Super Falafel by the city library.

Best bar for a beer or cocktail in town?
Hmm hard… I don´t drink beer but love wine so probably Lénoteca, Bastard or the rooftop bar at Malmö LIVE.

What should every tourist know about Malmö when they visit?
Everything is close so it's probably best to walk or rent a bike. 

Where can we find more of your work?
On Instagram, or at my homepage

Matilda's top 5 places to visit in Malmö:

  • Kallis of course!

  • Slottsparken (For a lovely walk)

  • Tekniska museet (my favourite museum)

  • The roof top bar at Malmö LIVE (the view). 

  • Katrinetorp Landeri (One of Sweden's best preserved empire facilities with historic gardens and an English landscape park. So beautiful!)

Matilda's top 5 places to eat at in Malmö:

  • Västergatan

  • Eatery Social Taqueria

  • Escama Gastrobar

  • Via Napoli

  • Badrans Super Falafel