Ali Riley Limited Edition Loden Dad Hat

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The Ali Riley Collection

This collection is about inclusivity, making a stand and most of all pride! When we met with Ali to create a collaboration, she knew exactly what she wanted to focus on. With this collection the message is clear - Malmö is a home for the LGBTQ+ community. You can come here and be your whole self. And we’ll love you for it.

It only seems right to help share the wealth with the hard working non-profits that make an impact on a daily basis in the LGBTQ+ communities here in Sweden. That’s why 10% of sales will go the RSFL Newcomers foundation - a charity close to Ali’s heart.

100% Cotton

Made of cotton with a metal adjustable clasp in the back for durability. Each hat is embroidered right here in Malmö.
To maximise the lifetime of your garment, we recommend to dry clean only to prevent shrinkage and colour fade.